Deception / 08.04.2021

TrapX to protect Japanese businesses against Ransomware

By TrapX Labs

Not long ago The Wall Street Journal published an article about Deception, featuring a TrapX customer’s testimonial about how our solution helps them defend against malicious attacks, primarily ransomware.

The Wall Street Journal has a huge distribution, but it’s not the world’s largest… that would be The Nikkei. And now we’re featured there as well!

Huge Rise in Ransomware Attacks on Japanese Firms

In May 2021, Toshiba was hit by a ransomware attack. A month later, Fujifilm has been forced to shut down parts of its global network after falling victim to an attack attributed to REvil (also responsible for the Kaseya attack). The same month, a WannaCry infection caused Honda to halt production, and Japan Airport Refueling Service suffered a similar incident.

After seeing a rise of 80% in such attacks in 2020, the National Police Agency (NPA) is referring to the threat that ransomware attacks pose as “extremely serious.”

Densan Protects its Customers with TrapX

The Nikkei reports (Japanese) that Densan Co. LTD, a technology services provider, is launching a new service to protect its clients against ransomware by using TrapX solution to divert, distract and detect attackers: deploying hundreds of decoys, as well as a CryptoTrap server that automatically generates fake data to keep the ransomware busy.

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