TrapX News / 04.06.2020

TrapX security is here during the covid-19 crisis: a personal message from TrapX security CEO Ori Bach

As I write this, significant roadwork is happening across the street. This particular project was originally scheduled to begin months from now and would’ve taken years to complete. It is, however, happening now at breakneck speed. It makes sense. Roads are typically congested around the clock; but now, here it sits virtually deserted. Work is getting done in light of recent events. The people in charge of those works identified the imposed-lockdown offered a great opportunity to get things done.

An astuteness to the current environment allowed these professionals to reach a higher set of goals. We all could gain a lesson from the managers behind this particular public works. As security practitioners, we must also adapt our pattern of thought and operation to the new situation.

The Corona Virus crisis presents a prime opportunity for cyber-attacks. New opportunities to exploit systems are popping up worldwide. Much like the road-workers, cybersecurity team members must be there in a time of need. Now more than ever, our business partners need us to manage the increased risk associated with daily activity. In that spirit, I wanted to share with you what we are doing to help. TrapX will continue working at full-steam to provide clients and team members the support they need in otherwise uncertain times.

Due to the need for high value alongside low TCO-threat detection, there continues to be a strong demand for TrapX cybersecurity products. Our customers always appreciate low-friction, easy-to-deploy solutions designed to swiftly deliver value to systems. Organizations we work with report immediate visibility into lateral movement, ransomware, and other self-spreading malware. As IT resources are diverted elsewhere, the capability of our patented emulation engine to deploy itself without need for IT resources becomes critical. With less than 10% of an FTE needed to monitor TrapX high-fidelity alerts, even a small team can be a highly effective cybersecurity force.

TrapX Security is a global company with an international client-base. We are accustomed to supporting you remotely; therefore, our team is not disrupted by travel and site restrictions. Found in every corner of the globe, members of our support team are here to fully protect networks regardless of ongoing events. In the case of any disruption to employees or sites occurs, a business continuity plan is in place to help us adjust accordingly. All of our locations will remain open with work continuing and business operating as usual, including the planned release of DeceptionGrid 7.0.

Rest assured; we are partnering with customers to actively fight threat-actors taking advantage of the current situation. TrapX, in response, has put together a Covid19-Cyber-Prep to deal with this increased level of threat. We are constantly adjusting deployments to maintain visibility as attack surfaces change due to more remote employees. As new threats are intercepted by traps, analysis by our team of researchers is helps further support clients. New ways to divert, detect, and defeat those attempting to use remote work policies are being discovered each day. Thanks to our efforts, high value targets throughout the private and public sectors remain protected.

It is very tempting in times of crisis to cut back on costly service such as support and technical resources. We at TrapX believe that we are only as successful as our customers. Not only are we not cutting back but we continue to look for quality talent to ensure that our customers realize the full value of our products and services. If you know strong, passionate security practitioners able to thrive in a dynamic environment then please refer them.

We are all in this together. As you navigate the difficult times, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Stay safe and healthy,

Ori Bach, TrapX CEO

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