Deceiving Ransomware

Ransomware Protection with the Power of Deception

Containment and Early Warning that Chokes Off Attacks

DeceptionGrid captures, contains, and stifles ransomware attacks before they do harm.

The most observed threat in 2020, ransomware shows no signs of slowing down as attacks continue to advance, avoiding conventional security.  DeceptionGrid lures the attacker to a ransomware trap where an entirely realistic but simulated proprietary data store allows ransomware to successfully encrypt data in a perpetual loop.

Problems We Solve

Conventional security controls will not keep the attackers out of your network. Attackers have figured out how to avoid detection once they are in.

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    Growing Ransomware Attacks

    Growing Ransomware Attacks

    Alarming frequency of attacks across all major industries

    • Attacks will occur every 11 seconds by 2021 (CyberSecurity Ventures)
    • Healthcare, government, education are preferred targets
    • No signs of slowing down as attacks continue to advance
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    Increasing Ransomware Costs to Organizations

    Increasing Ransomware Costs to Organizations

    Ransomware is about robbing you of your operation; it holds your business hostage by holding your data hostage. Ransom payments are growing, along with the cost of downtime and of getting back to business

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    Vulnerabilities, Blind spots & Sophistication

    Vulnerabilities, Blind spots & Sophistication

    Conventional controls and frameworks are no match for attackers who are fast and agile, seizing your operation before you can respond. Over 95% of ransomware attacks take less than 4 hours to take over a target system

    • Phishing emails & Windows endpoints are common weak spots
    • Lack of endpoint visibility of remote devices, IoT and OT
    • Sophisticated ransomware go around traditional security

    Microsoft Digital Defense Report, September 2020

Misdirection, Capture and Containment

Invisible to the end user, fake files, credentials and links pull the attack away from real assets toward realistic traps; infinite encryption loop captures the attacker

  • Agile and Scalable

    Real assets are surrounded by a high number of decoys, dramatically reducing the risk of a successful attack.

  • Signatureless

    Non-signature-based technique identifies when files are being encrypted, and therefore can detect any ransomware variant.

  • Endpoint Agnostic

    Protection of any asset with an IP address on your network, regardless of cyber-hygiene or device type.

  • Ecosytem Integration

    Easy integration with the TrapX ecosystem for immediate containment of attacked endpoint(s), preventing proliferation of ransomware across network.

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