IT/OT Convergence

Protecting IT, OT and IoT with the Power of Deception

Agile security architected for the unique challenges of converged infrastructure

TrapX buys you time by slowing attacks and quickening response.

Our touchless technology diverts attacks away from real assets toward IT, IoT or OT traps that deliver an early warning of a real incident for a quicker response and more efficient SOC operations. We deliver visibility and protection to a broad array of systems and devices, including IT, OT, IoT, SCADA and ICS.

Dangerous Blind Spots and Control Gaps

Conventional security technology cannot effectively address the blind spots and control gaps created by IT, OT and IoT convergence and surface area expansion.

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    Increased threats volume and alert data

    Increased threats volume and alert data

    While convergence appears inevitable, security is becoming overwhelmed. 58% of organizations detecting and responding to IT and OT threats has become more difficult over the past 2 years

    • 45% are collecting and processing more security telemetry
    • 43% say the volume of security alerts has increased
    • 53% say security workload exceeds their staff’s capacity

    ESG Research Paper: Threat Detection & Response in Manufacturing, October 2020

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    Gaps in Visibility & Surface Area Coverage

    Gaps in Visibility & Surface Area Coverage

    Accelerated digital transformation, including IoT/OT, and IT convergence, has widely expanded the attack surface, creating dangerous visibility and control gaps

    • 77% admit to attack surface growth over the past two years
    •  47% lack endpoint visibility
    •  65% lack network, lateral movement, OT visibility

    ESG Research Paper: Threat Detection & Response in Manufacturing, October 2020

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    Vulnerability of IoT/ICS environments

    Vulnerability of IoT/ICS environments

    IoT/Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environments are targets for adversaries, with security gaps across several areas

    • Outdated operating systems & unencrypted passwords
    • Unprotectable endpoints with no security capability
    • 57% of IoT devices are vulnerable

    ESG Research Paper: Threat Detection & Response in Manufacturing, October 2020

Protecting converged infrastructure with the power of Deception

Lightweight traps emulate IT, ICS, IoT, SCADA and OT devices/systems. Real assets hide in a crowd. Malicious interaction triggers a high-fidelity alert.

  • Agentless Endpoint Lures

    Invisible to the end user, artifacts such as fake credentials, files and traffic coax the attacker toward our traps

  • High Fidelity Alerts

    Traps are passive sensors that draw attacks out of the dark corners of your network. Traps are invisible to end users and legitimate systems, so interactions are unquestionably malicious.

  • Rapid Incident Response

    High-fidelity alerts provide an early warning that spearheads additional context delivered from SIEM/UEBA. The result: decreased alert volume, reduced triage time and accelerated mean time to response.

  • Non-disruptive Operation and Rapid Deployment

    Non-disruptive, out-of-band agentless technology with no endpoint processing or computing. Hundreds of lightweight traps are scattered in minutes to support dynamic adaptive deployment.

Threat Detection and Response in Manufacturing

Results from a new ESG survey and the use cases for Deception technology

- Quadrant Solutions Knowledge Brief (January 2020)

“Manufacturing-plant technology is difficult to protect, because those mills, generators and turbines were built 20 years ago with little consideration for security,”

Tony Taylor CISO, Land O’ Lakes

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