Protecting Manufacturing Sites From Cyber Attacks – Insights from Procter & Gamble

Protecting Manufacturing Sites from Cyber Attacks: Insights from Procter & Gamble

Operational Technology (OT) and manufacturing sites present a unique challenge for security teams.

Failing to take proactive measures can cripple operations and cause major financial losses. In this on-demand webinar, William Fryberger, VP of enterprise security operations at Procter & Gamble, discusses these challenges as well as innovative ways to detect and mitigate today’s complex cyber attacks.

Threat Detection Without Limits

TrapX's unique emulation-based Deception platform provides a more proactive and agile approach to threat detection. Respond to attacks as they happen, cover any attack surface, deploy in just days, and see value immediately.

  • Detects and Traps Attackers in Real Time

    Alerts you to and contains advanced threats at the very start of an attack.

  • Divert Attacks Away From Real Assets

    Lure and divert attacks to realistic decoys while protecting critical assets from compromise.

  • Non-Intrusive. Scalable. Fast to Deploy.

    Works 100% by emulation. Deploy hundreds of traps instantly. Fast time-to-value.

TrapX Is the World’s Leading Cyber Deception Platform

  • Advanced, real-time threat detection and containment
  • Based 100% on emulation — light, non-intrusive, highly-scalable
  • Library of hundreds of pre-built traps
  • Easy to deploy, integrate and operate
  • More than 400 customers

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