TrapX Flex™

The industry's first Deception as a Service (DaaS) solution for the New Normal

Visibility & Protection from Remote Employee Risk

Reduce remote worker risk with end-to-end visibility and control for Security Operations – from endpoints, to the Cloud, to critical corporate assets. Deliver fast time-to-value including a hosted, turnkey solution with 24×7 monitoring, analysis & response services, configured for remote worker environments.

The New Normal

Remote work is here to stay and it's pushing security into a new reality of Shadow IT, IoT, Cloud adoption, blind spots, vulnerability and risk exposure.

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    New Normal, New Risks

    New Normal, New Risks

    Employees adapt to and benefit from remote work. Companies profit from cost savings. Most report productivity gains. Remote work is the New Normal, and it is here to stay. Remote work also creates new risk.

    • Access to critical data/systems from home networks
    • Vulnerable personal devices on corporate networks
    • Phishing attacks on susceptible employees
    • Personal/public networks with security gaps
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    Gaps in Visibility and Control

    Gaps in Visibility and Control

    Security Operations teams lack end-to-end visibility to respond to and protect the increased risk of the New Normal.

    • 71% report increased risk with remote workforce
    • 47% lack endpoint visibility
    • 62% lack lateral movement visibility in network
    • 65% lack lateral movement visibility in the Cloud

    Osterman Research, “Readiness and Risk Exposure in the New Normal,” October 2020

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    New Solutions Stress Security Resources

    New Solutions Stress Security Resources

    Additional cybersecurity layers add complexity, require specialized skills, and are often disruptive. They also take time, resources, and budget to deploy.

    • Security teams and budgets are already strained
    • Worsening cyber skills shortage
    • New programs require time, budget to plan & deploy

The power of Deception at your service

Reduce New Normal risk with agile security from a hosted turnkey service

  • Endpoint Fitness Audit of Remote Worker Endpoints

    Fast, lightweight audit to assess patch levels, protection and connections, visualized through an intuitive summary dashboard and heatmap

  • Agentless Endpoint Lures

    Invisible to the end user, VPN credentials, files, browser history, etc. (lures) coax the attacker away from real assets and into emulated traps

  • Emulated Cloud and Corporate Traps

    Lures direct attacker to VPN, Internet-facing Cloud traps and Corporate traps. Malicious activity is detected, and attacker’s TTPs are exposed

  • Hosted Security Console

    Attack Visualization displays alert signals and attack intelligence, giving Security Operations valuable visibility and insight

  • Monitoring and Analysis

    TrapX alerts are monitored by our analysts 24×7. Our experts provide identification, analysis, investigation, triage and classification services

  • Notification

    TrapX analysts deliver recommended mitigation steps within hours of an incident

Detect the Undetectable

“With Flex, IT security teams...get visibility and protection for devices connecting outside a VPN and often discover shadow IT.”

Chris Kissel, Research Director for Security and Trust Products, IDC

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