DeceptionGrid 7.3

More Traps = Less Risk

Reduce Threat Event Frequency (TEF)

Create an Attack Surface that Actively Reduces Risk

Admit it, the attack surface cannot be tamed. It is time to reduce risk by infusing your attack surface with uncertainty – for the attacker. DeceptionGrid 7.3 leverages patented technology to deploy deceptive environments at a scale that reduces Threat Event Frequency (TEF).

What worked before no longer works

The threat landscape has permanently changed. Next-level attacks are proving invisible to conventional security technology, leaving systems and devices exposed.

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    Next-level Stealth Attacks

    Next-level Stealth Attacks

    Recent attacks have achieved a next-level of stealth, executing in a way that is invisible to even the most robust conventional security technology.

    • Passive defense relinquishes control to the attacker
    • Remediation takes time and is resource-intensive
    • Attack velocity is outpacing response velocity
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    The New Normal

    The New Normal

    The remote workforce and distributed assets have pushed security teams into a new reality of surface area expansion, blind spots and risk exposure

    • Increased risk of unmanaged devices
    • Gaps in visibility and control
    • Added security layers stress resources
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    Other Deception solutions are limited and complex

    Other Deception solutions are limited and complex

    Traditional Deception solutions are resource-intensive, complex to deploy, denying security the opportunity to reduce risk through a broad and deep deception environment.

    • Technical and implementation limitations
    • Complex to deploy and manage
    • Reliance on endpoint agents

Activate Active Defense

TrapX DeceptionGrid fills a vital gap in layered cybersecurity, protecting challenging surfaces such as containers, OT and IoT devices

  • Smart Surface Coverage

    DeceptionGrid receives real-time asset inventory updates & tiered vulnerability data that drives deployments and coverage analysis. This powerful combination provides peace of mind during the patch cycle.

  • Mass Deployment

    Deploy a fleet of deceptive assets with a push of a button. Mass Deployment gives you the power to deploy elastic dynamic deceptive environments.

  • Fast Asset Cloning

    Enhanced Build Your Own Trap (BYOT) technology that scans, profiles and clones, legacy and homegrown systems and devices, that can be nearly impossible to protect.

  • Auto Noise Reduction

    Distinguish harmless internal activity from real attacks to reduce and maintain the lowest possible noise level generated from false positives.

  • Protection for Containers

    Trap containers detect attacks across on-premises and cloud infrastructures and provide visibility into attempts to exploit applications’ vulnerabilities and lateral movement between containers.

  • Passive Technology

    DeceptionGrid does not tax business processes, DevOps, user experiences or system performance. It runs behind the scenes, invisible to business users and systems.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Calls TrapX "The Technology Leader"

"The majority of tools force a trade-off between deep Deception at a low scale and low interaction at a large scale. TrapX has innovated the market by ...supporting deep Deceptions at enterprise-grade scalability."

- Quadrant Solutions Knowledge Brief (January 2020)

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