DeceptionGrid 7.2

Containerize with Confidence

Introducing Agile Deception for Kubernetes

Agile and Scalable Deception for Containerized Environments

The only Deception platform that delivers comprehensive protection, full visibility-at-scale and MITRE ATT&CK integration for hybrid environments, supporting a variety of cloud workloads as well as on-premise. Unlike anything else on the market, our lightweight, touch-less technology offers non-disruptive security that enables agility and scalability.

What worked before no longer works

The threat landscape has permanently changed. Next-level attacks are proving invisible to conventional security technology, leaving systems and devices exposed.

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    Next-level Stealth Attacks

    Next-level Stealth Attacks

    Recent attacks have achieved a next-level of stealth, executing in a way that is invisible to even the most robust conventional security technology.

    • Passive defense relinquishes control to the attacker
    • Remediation takes time and is resource-intensive
    • Attack velocity is outpacing response velocity
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    The New Normal

    The New Normal

    The remote workforce and distributed assets have pushed security teams into a new reality of surface area expansion, blind spots and risk exposure

    • Increased risk of unmanaged devices
    • Gaps in visibility and control
    • Added security layers stress resources
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    Other Deception solutions are limited and complex

    Other Deception solutions are limited and complex

    Traditional Deception solutions are resource-intensive, complex to deploy, denying security the opportunity to reduce risk through a broad and deep deception environment.

    • Technical and implementation limitations
    • Complex to deploy and manage
    • Reliance on endpoint agents

Activate Active Defense

TrapX DeceptionGrid fills a vital gap in layered cybersecurity, protecting challenging surfaces such as containers, OT and IoT devices

  • Deception in Depth:
    More Traps = Less Risk

    TrapsX hides real assets behind traps, forcing attacker into a guessing game. Easy to deploy traps dramatically reduce risk. One trap reduces exposure by 50%; two traps 66%; and so on.

  • Deception Without Limits – Broad integrated deployments through a unified platform

    Emulated traps are the backbone of our Unified Platform. It is the only solution that integrates lures, emulated traps and full interaction traps technology in a single platform.

  • Active Defense Scorecard (ADS)

    Test and validate your trap environment's effectiveness against MITRE ATT&CK techniques. Working with the ATT&CK framework, you can proactively plan your Active Defense strategy

  • MITRE ATT&CK Integration

    Traps expose Techniques and Sub-techniques active within network. Lateral movement insight can be traced back to attack groups for an aligned Active Defense strategy.

  • Fast, Simple, Adaptable Deployment

    Advanced Cloud or on-premise technology and hundreds to thousands of traps that can be activated within just minutes facilitate Active Defense and deliver fast time-to-value

  • Non-Disruptive Operation

    Out-of-band agentless technology with no endpoint processing or computing. Non-disruptive implementation of even the most advanced functionality.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Calls TrapX "The Technology Leader"

"The majority of tools force a trade-off between deep Deception at a low scale and low interaction at a large scale. TrapX has innovated the market by ...supporting deep Deceptions at enterprise-grade scalability."

- Quadrant Solutions Knowledge Brief (January 2020)

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