Brian Pfeffer

VP, Customer Success

Brian leads the company’s worldwide customer success program. Kansas City metro-based, Brian brings more than 25 years’ experience spanning large enterprises as well as high-growth startups. Prior to joining TrapX, Brian led the global customer success team at Carbon Black (acquired by VMware) and prior to that managed the global business development and communication partner program at PhoneFactor (acquired by Microsoft). Earlier career experience includes leading national and regional security/services teams at large VAR & Service providers in both Canada and the United States, as well as network engineering and architect roles at several large enterprise companies in Canada.

  • Steve Preston

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Efrat Ben Meir

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Guy Waizel

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Mori Benech

    VP R&D

  • Brian Pfeffer

    VP, Customer Success

  • “The hard truth is that attackers will get in, but our customers have a secret weapon. They control what happens next.”
    Steve Preston
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Louis Smith, Jr.

    VP of North America Sales & Global Sales Engineering

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