Deception / 03.11.2018

Could the next data breach (like equifax’s) be prevented?

Let’s face it, most enterprises are already in the cloud. On-premise Data centers are lovely, but the cloud gives enterprises so many great features; once enterprises switch, they almost never go back.

The benefits of the cloud over traditional data centers include improved flexibility, automatic updates, no actual money has to be spent on physical capital, there’s more room to grow, and the IT guys can be focused on other, more important tasks.

Despite the powerful features of the cloud, it can potentially open up doors for cyber attackers to steal or destroy information, like they recently did to a huge enterprise like Equifax.

Equifax’s brand image got obliterated due to a breach by cyber attackers who extracted 148 million identities of Americans, after breaching Equifax’s cloud (and possibly stealing your personal information). In monetary damages, meanwhile it’s at $439 million; this number keeps growing as more information gets leaked about the attack. We’re not even mentioning Equifax’s brand image which is doing exponentially worse.

The attackers exploited a vulnerability in the Equifax web servers. They stayed in the system for approximately two months and downloaded and extracted as much information as possible.

All of this can be avoided, if enterprises would adopt which by the way, also fully supports the cloud environment, they can immediately detect breaches into the cloud. For those of you who don’t already know, TrapX pioneered and founded the deception technology space that’s become popular recently. TrapX’s deception solution, instantly (and automatically) detects and deceives any cyber-attacker activity usually not seen by other cyberdefenses.

TrapX adds special kinds of traps into the cloud. They are disguised to look exactly like the servers that attackers try to exploit and they respond in the exact same way. Any type of lateral movement in the cloud or slight touch that’s not authorized sets off a high-confidence alert. Enterprises know instantly when someone is in their network (in real-time) and thanks to the traps, know exactly what the attackers are trying to do. They can see where the attackers found the weakness in their security, what kind of information they’re trying to steal, and they even have access to all the files that the attackers are trying to install into the enterprise’s cloud.

The best part? None of the sensitive data is even touched – all of this is happening in the trap!

The TrapX solution is fairly inexpensive and really gets the job done. We recommend for any enterprises invested in the cloud (like the one you work for) to add as an extra layer of protection. TrapX saves data, businesses, customers and even careers.

You can’t afford bad protection.

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