Lateral Movement Denied

Disrupt Bad Actors with Active Defense

Lateral Movement Denied

Disrupt Bad Actors with Active Defense

New Risk Exposure

Business is changing at an exceptional rate. Digital transformation has accelerated, pushing security into a new world of surface expansion, blind spots and risk exposure.

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    Gaps in Visibility & Surface Area Coverage

    Gaps in Visibility & Surface Area Coverage

    Accelerated digital transformation – including Cloud, IoT/OT, and IT convergence – and the explosion of remote workers has widely expanded the attack surface, creating dangerous visibility and control gaps.

    • Increase in IoT and Cloud adoption
    • 47% lack endpoint visibility
    • 65% lack network, lateral movement, OT visibility
    • 57% of IoT devices are vulnerable

    Osterman Research, “Readiness and Risk Exposure in the New Normal,” October 2020

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    Disparities in Attack & Response Velocity

    Disparities in Attack & Response Velocity

    Attackers operate quickly and quietly. Defenders depend on expensive, complex systems and unmanageable alert volumes. Conventional monitoring leaves devices and systems exposed, and more risk unaddressed.

    • Initial Access to Lateral Movement in < 2 hrs. (source)
    • Detect, triage, & contain breach: 162 hrs. (avg.) (source)
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    Solutions Take Time, Resources

    Solutions Take Time, Resources

    Only 15% of security teams believe they have the right mix of tools in place to optimize their operation and only 17% have enough cybersecurity professionals on their security teams.

    • Only 5% percent can fully correlate the necessary data
    • Only 20% have the right talent on their security teams

    Osterman Research, “Readiness and Risk Exposure in the New Normal,” October 2020

Deception Without Limits

Comprehensive protection and full visibility at-scale. An end-to-end solution from a single platform.

  • Lightweight & Fast

    Authentic traps engage attackers, collect TTPs and trigger alerts. Massively scalable, flexible and fast, TrapX deploys > 500 unique traps per appliance in less than 5 minutes.

  • Unified Platform

    Patented, emulated traps are the backbone of the industry’s only solution that dynamically deploys integrated lures, traps and honeypots through a single platform.

  • Attack Intelligence

    Our Cloud and on-prem solution enriches attack insight with anonymized real-time techniques active within our customer community to dynamically enhance your Deception strategy.

Business Benefits

Security teams can detect the undetectable and protect the unprotected.

  • Unmatched Visibility

    TrapX draws attacks out from the far reaches of your environment – finding threats from assets you may not even be aware of. Malicious activity in your network? TrapX will expose it.

  • Reduce Alert Volume and Dwell Time

    Used alone or integrated with SIEM, UEBA or SOAR, TrapX provides threat detection and response that sharply reduces alert volume, dwell time and response time.

  • Protect the Unprotected

    Emulation is touchless, non-disruptive technology that protects ICS, IoT, SCADA, OT and other platforms that will not or cannot allow agents or log collection.

  • Mitigate Risk Independent of Cyber Hygiene

    TrapX reduces risk in challenging use cases such as DevOps, M&A, Third-Party Risk, Cloud, RPA and Remote Work. TrapX fills an important gap in security operations.

Now Is the Time for Deception

More data, more sprawl, more alerts, less visibility. The result? Too much risk.

  • 45%

    collecting/processing more telemetry

  • 31%

    say attack surface is growing

  • 53%

    of security pros say workload exceeds staff capacity

  • 37%

    say they must improve ability to see malicious activity

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